I Like That

Lindsay and I always talked about writing and I encouraged her to start a blog because of what great taste she had in just about everything. Anytime I had a problem, it seemed Lindsay had a suggestion to what would help cure the problem. She would accompany me to the store so I could find exactly what she was talking about. She always had the best suggestions when it came to movies, TV shows, restaurants, products, music, clothing, and health tips. In one of my last times with Lindsay, she told me she had decided on the name for her blog and told me she was going to call it, “I Like That,” and just talk about the things she liked and share with others the products that really worked for her. I’m very stubborn and often stick to what I’m use to when it comes to what I eat or what products I buy, but Lindsay tried everything and I knew if she said it was the “best” …it was. I was very excited Lindsay was finally going to start her blog and we talked about it even in our last time together. By creating this blog for Lindsay, I feel she will have a more permanent existence in this world that will even surpass the rest of our years. Lindsay greatly influenced everyone she came in contact with and such a powerful voice should never go unheard. If you had the pleasure of knowing Lindsay and she influenced you in a way you would like to share, please be an instrument in helping me create her blog and share with everyone the little things she shared with you that made you laugh, made you thinner, your hair shine brighter, your stomach thank you, the music she made you dance to, the movie she made you watch, and the things you would have never tried without Lindsay suggesting it and saying, “Oh you have to!”

Please email me at kristen.snyder@rocketmail.com with the subject title “I Like That.” If you want to write something along with the suggestions you received from Lindsay, I welcome all writings -but if you just want to send me a list of things she suggested to you that’s fine too. I am trying to complete this project in a timely manner and just let it be, so please do not hesitate if you wish to contribute. I look forward to hearing from you. Thank you!


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  1. Mark Stone
    Jul 14, 2011 @ 20:09:59

    Wow. I just teared up as i read this. First of all, I think this is amazing and I continue to be touched by the positivity of every one of Lindsay’s friends, and of the willingness to see the good in circumstances that may would allow to crush them. And second, I just keep thinking again and again that this same sense of hope is such a testament to the light that Lindsay truly was. I personally am not religious but was raised in the church and there is a passage in the Bible that talks of angels walking amongst us and I find myself remembering that passage every time I think of Lindsay.

    When we were on the water a few weeks ago, some things were said that truly resonated with me but one thing specifically stuck with me and that was that maybe the whole reason we exist – our only “purpose” is to live life itself. That we did not HAVE to be, but that life in itself was a gift and that we should live every day to the fullest and love and laugh and give and explore because what else is there for certain?? I often find myself so caught up in the “where am I going? what am i doing?” way of thinking that I completely miss the “right now” of life which is all that we are guaranteed. I don’t know what it was about the way those words were delivered, or if it was the ocean, or the sunlight or people dressed in white, or the white crane that hovered above the boat, or Lindsay’s spirit – her “angel” or so to speak – or more than likely a combination of all these things, but for me it was a truly inspiring and in some ways triumphant moment to finally release the obsession with “what if,” and to finally just be present. So I wanted to tell Lindsay thank you – I like that. Your soul shines on, honey. Keep burning bright.


  2. Kristen
    Jul 14, 2011 @ 23:35:55

    I couldn’t agree more Mark. That day changed many paths. She leads us now ♥


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